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Value Of Real Photo Postcards

Advanced collectors of topographical views tend to eventually find themselves in the pursuit of real photo postcards over printed cards. This is mostly due to the image quality and detailed contained in the photo. If you were collecting views from your hometown you might collect any and every card you could find no matter what. They all take on personal meaning to you. A real photo postcards is just that.. an actual photograph and not a printed lithograph. Although generally more expensive they are more detailed then printed views and can often be an extra special find since they could show buildings, homes, people and sometimes even towns that no longer exist. That is quite an exciting find! Many Historians and Preservationists have focused on acquiring photo postcards as they are wonderful historical documents. In 1903 Kodak introduced the No. 3A Folding Pocket Kodak. This was Kodak's first " postcard " camera.

This allowed the amateur photographer to produce their own photo postcards. You could take a photo of anything you wanted and send your photograph with a bit of correspondence on the back anywhere throughout the world. These views are often one of a kind. There were also many commercially produced cards by local or itinerant photographers that would take photographs of their regional areas and sell the cards wholesale to the local druggist or a store owner who then resold the cards to their clientele that visited their establishment. Usually these views were of Main Street or important buildings, such as the courthouse, bank, school, churches and even some of the prominent homes in an area. If a business owner did commission a photographer for some work he might end up sending the image to Germany where printed litho cards would then be produced. This was the case up until the first World War when the cards were then printed in the US Unused photo postcards can often be dated by the stamp box on the photo paper.

Some of the most interesting real photo cards are sometimes called the " boring " postcards. A boring postcard is one you'd respond to by saying, " Now why would anyone want a postcard of that? "

Remember staying in the Howard Johnson's as a child and standing at the front desk looking at all the postcards? The boring postcards were pictures of the rooms with the orange bed spread and " pleather " white headboards. The view of the pool in Sparta Tn. Holiday Inn, road signs, concrete dams, highways under construction, elementary schools, picture of eggs and bacon from an obscure diner on some off the road place.

There is even a book out called " Boring Postcards. There is a German title, " Langweilige Postkarten " that is even more evocative. It's a collection of meticulously grouped, carefully reproduced... boring postcards. Yet the parade of gas stations, diners, shopping malls, motorways, airports, and other extremely un - photogenic subjects often photographed without even one bit of ambition, when presented as a collection, is incredibly funny.

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